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Kryptobees enabling organizations all around the world to easily adopt AI-driven solutions and begin their path toward digital transformation. Use our top AI development services to implement AI-based solutions for increased productivity, efficacy, and decision-making power.

AI Development Company
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Artificial Intelligence Software Development

Artificial Intelligence Software Development

Kryptobees is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) software development company that can help your business stay ahead of the competition with preemptive and sophisticated AI solutions. We specialize in developing custom AI software solutions that can help you harness the full potential of machine learning and AI.

Our AI software development services are designed to provide you with cutting-edge commercial options in this data-enabled, fast-paced world. We have a team of skilled AI developers who can develop AI-powered software applications that can comprehend your workflow, adopt emerging best practices, and address anonymous roadblocks. With our smart AI solutions, we aim to deliver disruptive decision-making, insightful business outcomes, and sustained automation steering.

At Kryptobees, we believe in delivering customized AI solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their business requirements and provide tailored AI solutions that can help them achieve their business goals. Our AI development services include AI strategy and consulting, custom AI software development, and data analysis and preparation.

Our AI Development Services

  • Custom AI development
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision
  • Data analytics and insights
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Intelligent automation
  • AI Security Solutions
AI Development Services

AI Models We Have Expertise in


A group of AI models that may perform natural language tasks like query answering, question summarising, translation, and text production.


A collection of models that augment the GPT-3 and can produce text or code, including the highly effective and competent GPT-3.5-turbo.


An array of models with superior general knowledge and advanced reasoning skills that can effectively solve complex issues.


Based on composed commands, DALL.E generates realistic-looking graphics and artwork. It has the capacity to develop photos of particular dimensions, alter already-existing images, and create several versions of consumer-provided images.


Whisper is a multipurpose voice recognition framework that can recognize languages, translate speech, and recognize speech in many languages.


Embedded systems are statistical illustrations of linguistic units, such as words and sentences, that capture their semantic meaning and connections.


Machine-learning algorithms termed moderation models are used to help with content moderation activities including locating and eliminating dangerous or improper information from internet platforms.

Continual Diffusion

Stable Diffusion can be utilized for tasks including inpainting, outpainting, and text-guided image-to-image translations. It also produces comprehensive pictures from text prompts.


An AI-powered picture generator called Midjourney produces graphics in response to written instructions. Midjourney produces photographs with a definite artistic edge.


With the help of LaMDA, the message-to-text generative AI chatbot Bard can have conversations with people by generating humanoid reactions to linguistic prompts.


A fundamental large linguistic model called LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI) was designed to produce text, have discussions, condense textual content, resolve problems in mathematics, and forecast protein structures.

AI Development solution

Business benefits of AI Development Solution

When thinking about our kryptobees artificial intelligence development services and our potential AI and machine learning endeavors, you may benefit from the advice of an AI development and consulting company operations. The market for machine learning has been projected to be around $136.6 billion by 2022, and by the year 2030, it is anticipated to be valued $1,581.70 billion. If applied appropriately, artificial intelligence (AI) can be extremely helpful for each software product businesses and end clients.

AI App Development Services

Learning Machines

Our crew of machine learning professionals works with clients to help them harvest unstructured data from different places for valuable knowledge that will help them establish their businesses.

In-Depth Learning

For enhanced voice and identification of faces, automation technology, and corporate intelligence, we use deep learning-powered solutions.

Predictive Modeling

Our machine learning- and data-driven predictive analytics support your company's operations by predicting future trends.

Visual Computing

For recognition of images and classification, our skilled AI developers are experienced in using Amazon Rekognition as well as deep learning-based visual discovery.

Database Science

The data scientists thrive in providing statistical analysis and cutting-edge AI techniques for particular corporate use cases and are specialists in data analysis and development services.

OCR and Data Capture

Our sophisticated data capture & extract automation technique makes document processing simpler for businesses, boosting accuracy, enhancing productivity, and lowering human error.

Artificial Intelligence Development Services for Various Industries







Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism

E-learning & EducationE-learning & Education

E-learning & Education



Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

The Process We Follow for AI Development Services

Research and Plan

We develop an effective plan for your project principle after accomplishing in-depth research and blending it with our agile method of operation.


Future-Proof Product Design

The process of brainstorming commences in every component of our team to identify the best concepts that may provide an extensive and safe experience for users.

Comprehensive, Secure, and Reliable Product Development

We have a team of competent programmers collaborating under the leadership of experienced managers to develop an ideal and sustainable solution.


Growth and Support for Products Quality Assurance

Utilizing company-recognized quality testing operations, we guarantee a bug-free invention/solution life cycle, and our support personnel are accessible around-the-clock.

Technologies stack for AI Development Solutions

DL Frameworks
  • PyTorch
  • Caffe2
  • Chainer
  • theano
  • Mxnet
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • Core ML
  • TensorFlow
  • Sonnet
  • tf-slim
  • Tensor2Tensor
  • Neuroph
  • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
  • Clustering
  • Metric Learning
  • Fewshot Learning
Neural Networks
  • CNN
  • RNN
  • Representation Learning
  • Manifold Learning
  • Variational Autoencoders
  • Bayesian Network
  • Autoregressive Networks
Generative AI Models
  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Transformer models (GPT3, GPT 3.5 Turbo,LaMDA, Wu-Dao)

Why Choose Kryptobees for Your AI Projects?

We have generations of experience assisting clients with rapid digital transitions, the Kryptobees, a Premier Artificial Intelligence Development Company. Engage knowledgeable AI ML experts who guarantee an accurate understanding of our client's project path.

  • Top 3% Workflow Defined by Talent
  • Systematic Action
  • Shared Information
  • Approach Focused on the Customer Effective Communication


One of our SMEs will contact you as a prominent artificial intelligence development operation to find out about your requirements and determine the scope of the project. Along with our project proposal, we will provide acceptable engagement models to select from.

The cost of a project which is outsourced to an AI development company hinges on a number of factors, including the project's scale, technological stack, number of required man-hours, engagement model, business goal, and many more.

We frequently update the concerned organizations, executives, and other clients on the progress of AI software development utilizing agile project management. We disclose login information to ensure developers of applications or tools can track real-time progress.

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