Coinbase Clone Script

Start a crypto exchange firm with our white-label Coinbase clone script, equipped with all the necessary security and trading features. Our white-label Coinbase clone script offers multiple trading options and revenue streams benefitting users and business owners.

Coinbase Clone Script
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Coinbase Clone Script

What is Coinbase Clone Script?

A Coinbase clone script is a ready-made script that allows the launching of a fantastic cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase in a short period. Our Coinbase exchange clone script assists in trading, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies by establishing an exchange platform.

Our Coinbase clone software is scalable to integrate several coins, allowing for secure and quick trades. This Coinbase clone software uses a similar user interface, plug-ins, and existing Coinbase features. Kryptobees offers a budget-friendly white-label Coinbase clone script enhanced with cutting-edge technologies and standard security functionalities.

Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Coinbase

cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase

Almost every day, a new cryptocurrency gets launched. Exchange platforms are needed to support the easy trading of virtual coins to meet the expanding demand. We provide safe, dependable, and cutting-edge Coinbase exchange clone scripts coded with world-class features such as multi-currency wallets, real-time market charts, simple trade choices, and more. Our white-label Coinbase clone script is reliable, tested, and bug-free, allowing you to build your cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase.

Our premium Coinbase clone software's excellent user interface and functionalities allow users to trade effectively without technical difficulties and contribute to high user engagement. If you want to construct a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase at an affordable cost, partnering with Kryptobees is the perfect solution.

Salient Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script

  • Margin Trading
  • P2P Trading
  • OTC Trading
  • Affiliate Reporting
  • Crypto Staking
  • Smart Filters
  • Post Buy/Sell Ads
  • Payment gateway
  • Current Rate Display
  • Multi Wallet support
  • Analytical Dashboards
  • Trade Pairs Management
  • Feedback System
  • Dispute Management
  • Currency Activation
  • Organize Risk Management
  • Commission Management
  • Instant/Manual Approval
  • Transactions Monitoring
  • Upgrades

Security Features of Our Coinbase Clone Software

Supreme Benefits of Our Coinbase Clone Script

Huge ROI

Our Coinbase exchange clone script generates various revenue streams, including transaction fees, withdrawal fees, advertising costs, and much more.


We develop a budget-friendly cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, with the help of our Coinbase exchange clone script solution.


We provide a Coinbase exchange clone script solution to minimize development time and save significant time rather than developing from scratch.

Easy Scalability

Our Coinbase exchange clone platform offers scalability options. Storage and other network functionality expand on-demand to meet the user's and business needs.

supreme Decentralized Exchange Service

How Does Our Coinbase Clone Script Work?


  • Users should open an account on the crypto exchange platform before trading.

  • Following registration and validation takes place via an email [confirmation mail process].

  • Withdrawal requires KYC permission from the crypto exchange platform. The user offers identity details to deposit funds from a bank or withdraw funds from the exchange.

  • Once the KYC process is complete, individuals can begin trading by depositing funds into their trading platform accounts.

  • Users can participate in crypto activities such as spot trading, staking, and more.

  • The users can perform crypto transactions. If there are any problems, users can file a dispute ticket or send an email to have them resolved by the administrator.


  • The admin logs onto the crypto platform using the admin portal and performs necessary updates or upgrades.

  • Admin earns money from various revenue streams, including transaction fees, staking fees, advertisements, and more.

  • The exchange platform's trades are monitored by the administrator, who has a comprehensive view of the exchange.

  • If there are any issues with the trading, the administrator is alerted. He can perform any necessary changes.

  • The administrator can configure the Liquidity API to execute in an automatic mode.

  • Revenue streams from the trading platform are automatically deposited into the administrator's wallet.

Add On Modules of Our Coinbase Clone Script Software

  • Banners and Announcements
  • Mission Reward System
  • Airdrop Management System
  • Copy-trading Integration
  • Multilingual support
  • EVM Compatibility
  • QR code scanner
  • MPC integration
  • Anti-fraud system
  • Dark light mode
Coinbase Clone App Development

Coinbase Clone App Development

People find it more convenient and accessible to work on their mobile phones. Kryptobees is a leading Coinbase clone app development company. Our Coinbase clone app allows users to expand their trading time as it supports users' comfort. Traders purchase and sell cryptocurrencies using our Coinbase clone app on mobile in minutes, similar to the web application.

Our Coinbase clone app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Our Coinbase clone app allows users to trade from any global location using a mobile phone with a good internet connection. Use our fully complete and premium Coinbase clone app to stay ahead of the crypto industry competition.

Why Choose Kryptobees For Coinbase Exchange Clone Script?

Coinbase Exchange Clone Script

Kryptobees is a top-notch Coinbase exchange clone script development company. We have a skilled team of blockchain developers who will design and build a feature-rich white-label Coinbase clone script based on your business needs. We have extensive experience supporting startups, cryptopreneurs, mid-range, and higher-end corporates in launching a successful crypto business. Get a live demo of the white-label Coinbase clone script today to get started with your crypto venture!

  • Agile methodology
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • On-Time project delivery
  • 100% client satisfaction rate
  • Proficient and skillful experts
  • Vast years of industrial experience


The price of a crypto exchange platform gets determined by criteria such as features, technological stack, and level of customization. However, the cost of a white-label Coinbase clone script is more budget-friendly than developing a cryptocurrency exchange from the ground up.

The Coinbase clone software gets launched within a week. The deployment period, however, may vary based on the client's needs.

Yes, we offer a Coinbase clone app demo. Send us an email or use the chat tool on our website to get in contact, and we'll set up a Coinbase exchange clone app demo in seconds.

Yes, with the help of our blockchain engineers, you can customize the white-label Coinbase clone script, including the design and functionality.

We sign an NDA for Coinbase clone software to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

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