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NFT Aggregator Platform Development Company
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NFT Aggregator Platform: What is it Exactly?

What is NFT Aggregator Platform

There are various NFT markets worldwide where creators can list their NFTs for sale. The compatibility issues among NFT marketplaces cause a split between creators and collectors. You may close this gap by creating an NFT aggregator marketplace that allows users to access the whole NFT marketplace through a uniform interface.

The NFT aggregator marketplace places all NFTs from multiple domains and marketplaces under a single space. With this innovation, NFT users or enthusiasts with demands can locate tokens in one area and acquire access to their chosen NFTs. It saves you time and money on gas fees.

The NFT aggregator market is still in its early stages and has significant growth potential. You should probably start with an NFT marketplace aggregator business. Kryptobees is a top-notch NFT aggregator marketplace development company. We assist in offering world-class NFT aggregator platform development services that provide users with a more efficient buying and selling experience.

Our Premium NFT Aggregator Platform Development Services

NFT Aggregator Consulting Services

We assist our clients in offering complete NFT market research, project objectives, monetization policy, pain points, etc.

NFT Aggregator Development Services

Our NFT aggregator platform development services include attractive designing, blockchain development, storage integration, and rigorous testing.

NFT Aggregator Launch Support

We launch the platform in the client’s desired network and mobile app in the google play store, app store, etc. We do offer post-deployment support.

NFT Aggregator Marketing Services

We offer long marketing strategies such as social media promotions, press releases, banners, video advertisements, influencer marketing, etc.

NFT Aggregator Platform Development Services

Salient Features of Our NFT Aggregation Application


Our NFT aggregator platform consists of an attractive storefront and customizable user profile.


Users can evaluate and rate the NFTs, adding value to the NFT's performance statistics.


The NFT aggregator platform supports several wallets, allowing users to buy, sell, and store NFTs.

Compare Prices

Before listing or purchasing an NFT, users can evaluate minting prices, gas fees, and NFT pricing among various marketplaces.


The multilingual assistance broadens the customer support experience in the NFT aggregator platform.

Smart Filters

Filters save users time by assisting them in identifying the desired NFTs that match their needs.

Bundle Listing

The listing feature enables users to create and display lists of NFTs with names, descriptions, tags, and so on.

NFT Cart

The cart in the NFT aggregator platform allows users to add NFTs and pay using their preferred wallets.

Lazy Minting

Users can use lazy NFT minting rather than pre-minting before selling them, saving time and money.

Creator Royalties

Creators can set the NFT royalties they sell. Following each secondary sale, a part of the sale value gets credited to their wallets.

Supreme Benefits Of An NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development

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With the NFT aggregator marketplace, you can acquire more liquidity possibilities as it serves numerous purposes for users and content creators.


The NFT Aggregator platform offers a new perspective for listing and accessing NFTs. It increases market volume and gives merchants visibility.


It is easy to check and compare price tags and gas fees in a single NFT aggregator platform rather than checking multiple marketplaces.


The NFT Aggregator platform accepts BTC and ETH as payment methods, [as most NFT marketplaces do]to simplify payment and royalty earnings.

Impeccable Process for Developing An NFT Aggregation Platform


We determine project requirement analysis, timeframe, budget, technology stack, risk factors, etc.



Our designer provides an attractive and interactive user interface to improve usability and offer people easy access.


Our blockchain developers code and develop the blockchain, smart contract, essential trading, and security features.



Our experts integrate all necessary third-party NFT marketplace protocols and wallets required in the NFT aggregator platform.


The QA team ensures the platform is bug-free and reliable by performing multiple tests such as unit testing, load testing, vulnerability testing, etc.



We launch the NFT aggregator platform in the client’s desired network, such as a local or cloud server, and provide them with the credentials.

Workflow of our eminent NFT aggregator marketplace platform

Data Collection

The NFT aggregator platform organizes data from various NFT marketplaces, such as Rarible, Foundation, OpenSea, SuperRare, etc.

Data Normalization

The platform normalizes data collected from many marketplaces into a consistent format to present information about NFTs across several marketplaces.

Data Aggregation

Normalized data is then consolidated and published on the platform. Users can explore and search for NFTs from several marketplaces in one place.

User Interface

The NFT aggregator site is user-friendly. It allows users to search, browse, and filter NFTs by price, creator, and category.

User Transaction

The users can buy, sell, list, compare, and use lazy minting to mint NFT, which gets stored in the user's wallet.

Revenue Model

The NFT aggregator platform admin earns by commission charges on each NFT transaction, advertising, minting, etc.

Why Choose Kryptobees For NFT Aggregator Platform Development?

The NFT industry Aggregator is becoming the next crypto trendsetter and one-stop shop for all NFTs enthusiasts. Many entrepreneurs and corporates have been drawn to this blockchain-based NFT business option to invest and earn rapidly. NFT aggregator businesses have gained popularity in recent years. Kryptobees is the leading NFT aggregator marketplace development company.

Our in-house NFT experts can work in your time zone, assisting from NFT aggregator platform development to launch. To give the finest results for our clients, we deploy cutting-edge technologies and customizable business plans to assist you in meeting your industry objectives. Connect with our elite NFT aggregator marketplace development company to obtain reliable and profitable NFT business.

  • Agile methodology
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • On-Time project delivery
  • 100% client satisfaction rate
  • Proficient and skillful experts
  • Vast years of industrial experience


Investing in NFT aggregator platform development services is a safe and profitable business. As the NFT aggregator marketplace development is getting popular, now is the best moment to invest.

As a reputed NFT aggregator marketplace development company, we determine the cost based on features, technology stack, and complexity. Using our white-label NFT aggregator solution instead of designing from scratch saves money.

Using our white-label NFT aggregator platform development services, you can set up an NFT aggregator platform in a week, but establishing an NFT project from scratch will take months.

Yes, we do provide an NFT aggregator platform demo. Send us an email or use our website's chat option to get in touch, and we'll set up a demo in seconds.

As a well-known NFT aggregator platform development company, we may sign an NDA for NFT aggregator platform development services to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

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