Create DeFi Exchange With PancakeSwap Clone Script

Establish yourself as an outstanding competitor in the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) industry by developing a strong DeFi Exchange like PancakeSwap! We enable it with cutting-edge tools and AMM.

PancakeSwap Clone Script
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How to Create a PancakeSwap Clone Website?

PancakeSwap clone website?

To establish a DEX system enabling automated market making (AMM), a swap, and yield farming in Binance Smart Chain (BSC), utilize the PancakeSwap clone script. A Defi exchange script termed PankcakeSwap Clone functions similarly to PancakeSwap and was developed on the Binance smart contract chain. Our Pancake Swap Clone Script integrates with Binance Smart Chain's AMM, yield farming, trade, stakes, NFT, and pool of liquidity.

Kryptobees The official launch of a Defi exchange similar to PancakeSwap for trading crypto tokens is made possible by the PancakeSwap Clone Script, a ready-to-deploy solution. The solution is designed to be time and money-effective, with configurable smart contract capabilities and other advantages in addition to the client-preferred customizations.

Our PancakeSwap clone script services

Staking & Farming

The module rewards users who hold up currency for manufacturing CAKE tokens, promoting the opportunity for yield farming. Now, harvesting rewards is a vide-brainer!


Customers can increase their earnings by taking part in various Lottery events spending just 10 CAKE tokens or less.

Provision for Trading in Pricey NFTs

Although NFTs have transformed the cryptocurrency business because of their value, PancakeSwap Clone also provides users with new trading possibilities.

Initial Firm Offerings (IFOs)

One special feature of our white-label DEX Exchange is the marketing of IFOs, which enables users to acquire current tokens by yield farming. They are eligible for awards when privately staked.


owners of tokens are able to decide if something on the decentralized exchange should be upgraded or rectified. This revamps the administrative structure of the PancakeSwap clone and improves trading for everyone involved.

Features of PancakeSwap clone script

Automated Marketing Maker

The advantages of improved trading are because of large liquidity pools and execution away with the necessity of an order book to match transactions.

PancakeSwap Analysis

Access analytics on coin standards, transfers, and trading partners in real-time or for a specific time frame.

Top Enforcing Tokens

Intelligent dashboard showcasing the top-performing and profitable tokens at the moment to enjoy lucrative trades.

Top Executing Pairings

A dashboard featuring trending cryptocurrency pairings that have a lot of trade activity for a profitable business.

Unique Transactions Account

View an in-depth record of each individual transaction, comprising swaps, the total quantity paid or obtained, remaining money, and account condition.

Development of Security Procedures

The platform's robust and versatile safety measures guarantee totally safe and reliable transactions.

Reduced Involvement Costs

Make it simple and quick to expand the platform's user base via yield farming & stakes.

Smart Contracts

Trade effortlessly and quickly using reputable smart contacts that support transactions that are automated.

Voting Choice

Give participants and CAKE owners the chance to vote for any improvements or adjustments in the marketplace for better trading.

Lottery Schemes

Ensure rewards for customers by providing lottery possibilities so that participants who are selected receive offers and prizes in the form of assets.

Benefits of Using Our PancakeSwap clone script

  • Checked Icon PancakeSwap Analytics

  • Checked Icon Rapid Speed Audits

  • Checked Icon Integrated Security Protocols

  • Checked Icon Locked Staking

  • Checked Icon Transaction Tracking

  • Checked Icon Sequential Stats

  • Checked Icon Multiple Wallet Integration

  • Checked Icon Removal of KYC

  • Checked Icon Optimized trading

  • Checked Icon Low-cost transaction

  • Checked Icon Highest rewards

  • Checked Icon Efficient Smart Contract

How Does the PancakeSwap Clone Script Work?

A user should immediately register with one of the aforementioned wallets, like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or a Binance Chain Wallet, in order to begin.



After that, they'll need to activate the digital wallet and add cryptocurrencies to exceptionally safe liquidity pools.

The Automated Market Maker (AMM) helps customers fulfill individual purchase and sale requests in liquidity pools using a secondary account.



Trading commissions, liquidity provider (LP), and FLIP tokens are earned by users.

Upon staking a PancakeSwap clone's - CAKE token, the individual using it can begin receiving greater incentives.


Various wallet that supported by PancakeSwap cloneSoftware

  • MetaMask
  • Trust Wallet
  • TokenPocket
  • MathWallet
  • WalletConnect

Reward Multipliers In the PancakeSwap Clone Platform


(20X Rewards)


(10X Rewards)


(5X Rewards)


(5X Rewards)


(5X Rewards)


(5X Rewards)


(5X Rewards)


(1X Rewards)


(1X Rewards)

  • BUSD
  • DAI
  • USDT
  • LINK
  • TWT
  • USDC

Currencies Our PancakeSwap Clone script Supports

Reasons to Choose Kryptobees for DeFi Exchange Development Like PancakeSwap

With the privilege of skilled blockchain and digital currency developers, Kryptobees provides an impeccable PancakeSwap—the best and most recent decentralized framework—tailored to meet all of your organization's requirements. We provide an

  • Exclusive Token Development
  • Advanced APIs
  • On-Time delivery
  • Post-delivery support
  • Smart mobile apps


The best PancakeSwap clone script is accessible from Kryptobees. We offer a trustworthy decentralized exchange platform as our initial DeFI development business.

The price for constructing a PancakeSwap clone is determined by what requirements you impose on your spectacular DeFi Exchange platform in terms of commerce.

Due to the substantial needs and anticipated functionalities, developing a website like PancakeSwap coming from scratch necessitates the construction of exchange from the foundation. This aids in developing the framework in a distinctive manner based on the specific structure. Join hands with Kryptobees, the top developer of the finest-performing DeFi exchange development.

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